Mercedes Benz L322 DL30

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Product Description

Description :
The first vehicle of Mercedes-Benz´ new truck generation with its characteristically rounded bonnet, the L 322 was introduced in 1959. In comparison with its predecessors it not only had a very modern look but interior space and overall visibility were improved, too. In 1963 the designation was changed to L 1113 now indicating gross weight ( 11 tons) and engine output (130 hp). The sturdy and reliable L 322 or L 1113 has always been popular with fire departments in Germany and abroad. Over the years, thousands of these round bonneted trucks went into fire service – many of them still being operational. Our model features a fully hydraulic Magirus aerial ladder DL 30 h based on a Mercedes-Benz L 322 chassis. Apart from complete fire engines Magirus-Deutz also mounted aerial ladders upon chassis of other truck manufacturers in very limited numbers to follow the customer demand.
Characteristics :
154 Parts with 306 Decorations:
151 Mask sprays
27 Tampo prints
10 Decals
108 Free sprays
10 Chromed parts

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