Toyota 86 GT (RHD)

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The development code of this vehicle is 086A and its main production names 86 (pronounced “eight-six” or Hachi-Roku in Japanese) or GT86, reference historic Toyota front-engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupés and hatchbacks, in the form of:
a. the 1967 2000GT (Japan’s seminal fastback coupé whose design cues adorn the 86 and which was also powered by a 2.0 – litre engine); and
b. the 1983 to 1987 AE86 range (renowned for its handling and drifting abilities).

Toyota also referenced to its first sports car, the Sports 800, given that both this car and the 86 share a boxer engine layout, as widely used by project partner and 86 manufacturer, Subaru.

In Europe, GT86 models are generally the same as the Japanese 86 GT with a red/black leather/Alcantara interior with red stitching. In the United Kingdom, the Japanese G model is sold as the GT86 Primo and the car has also been available as a limited edition Toyota Racing Development “TRD GT86”, which features: 18 inch forged aluminium wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport tyres; full bodykit with front and side skirts, rear spoiler and new diffuser; quad-exhaust system; TRD-branded detailing on the filler cap, radiator cap and gear knob. The GT86 was awarded the following titles in 2012 in Europe:

1. Car of the Year by Top Gear magazine (and Jeremy Clarkson) who also crowned it Coupé of the Year and winner of the Top Gear Speed Week (against competition including the McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche 911 Carrera S, and Lotus Exige S)
2. Best Driver’s Car by Autocar.
3. Performance Car by Auto Express.

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