Talbot-Lago Coupé T150 C-SS Figoni & Falaschi “Teardrop”, 1937-39

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When the decision was made at CMC to build the Talbot Lago Coupé with its Figoni & Falaschi “teardrop” body as a model, the pulse of our model builders rose and the joy of being able to trace such a work of art was huge. But at the same time there was also the challenge and obligation to do justice to this demanding project.
Many experts all over the world agree that this vehicle is no longer to be judged by the standards that otherwise apply to automobiles. The Talbot Lago with the body made by the famous French sheet metal cutters Figoni & Falaschi is a look like from another star. The car is simply what one would call “state of the art” today.

When Talbot first presented the coupe at the Paris Auto Salon in 1937, the viewers were immediately breathless. Everything about this fascinating vehicle and every detail testifies to deep love and almost “obsession” with the perfect design and matching accessories. In addition, there was a rarely encountered metal sunroof for that time. A luxuriously equipped interior with artful processing of fine wood and fine leather created a comfortable atmosphere and a silky smooth six-cylinder in-line engine, which, depending on the version, produced between 140 HP and 160 HP, gave the passengers maximum driving pleasure.

When Anthony Lago signed an exclusive cooperation agreement in 1937 with the then internationally well-known French Giuseppe Figoni and his partner Ovidio Falaschi, the so-called “teardrop” coupe emerged as the top product of this connection, which between 1937 and 1939 had just 16 copies produced on the Market came. In the first production series, called “Jeancart”, 5 units were built. The second production series was presented at the New York Auto Show in 1937 and included 11 vehicles that were manufactured exclusively with the T150C-SS chassis and short wheelbase with 2,650 mm. This vehicle lot entered the Talbot-Lago Annalen as the “New York Model”. Each individual vehicle differed either in barely perceptible or larger, striking details.

Anthony Lago, together with his chief engineer Walter Brecchia, were technologically far ahead of their time. First and foremost is the shortened and lightweight T150C-SS chassis. A single wheel suspension, a Wilson 4-speed pre-selection gearbox, excellent brakes and, as already mentioned, a sophisticated six-cylinder in-line engine were the further technical highlights of this extraordinary vehicle.

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