Mercedes-Benz W165 #24, 1939 Limited Edition 5000 pcs.

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Among the most glamorous Grand Prix events of the 1930s were the contests in the north African City of Tripolis. For the Mercedes-Benz team, this was a good place to be, as they were
able to set up one impressive record after another here.

Racing fans all over the world were now looking forward to the debut of the new “mini” Mercedes Silver Arrow W165 at the race track of “Mellaha” on the 7th of May, 1939. Daimler-Benz
had built this new 1.5 litre car within 6 months.

A new success story was born when Hermann Lang with starting number 16 and Rudolf Caracciola with starting number 24 drove their racers to a sensational double victory. Hermann
Lang was the winner (CMC did a limited-edition model of this car with the starting number 16 several years ago). Rudolf Caracciola with starting number 24 finished 2nd.The limited-edition miniature of this runner-up car concludes our commemoration of the winning duo on a high note, for it not only provides a powerful reminder of their double victory, but is
also impressive to look at.

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