Mercedes-Benz SSK 1928-1930, clear finish including showcase Limited edition of 600 pieces

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The Mercedes-Benz supercharged sports racing cars of the types (S-SS-SSK-SSKL), used as Grand Prix racing cars, long-distance ASS or mountain racers between 1927 and 1933, proved to be incomparable “real monsters” “In the winning lists.
With the letter abbreviation S-SS-SSK and from 1931 SSKL (for Super Sport Kurz Leicht), Merce-des-Benz referred to the individual development stages of their sports racing car with the huge 7.1 liter inline six-cylinder compressor engine. A number of famous pilots, notably Rudolf Caracciola, Manfred v. Branchitsch, Hans Stuck, Carlos Zatuszek or Bernd Rosemeyer.
The SSK / SSKL became the glamorous highlight of the legendary S series, which had a lasting impact on the image of the Mercedes-Benz brand. You can also put it this way, they are cars of the century and their fascination has been preserved to this day. We would like to offer you such a model, an SSK as a clear finish version, including a display case.

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