Mercedes-Benz LO 2750 Truck Clear-Finish Version, 1933-1936

 57,680 Inclusive of Tax

After the global economic crisis of the late 1920s was over, an industrial resurgence was looming large everywhere. The Daimler-Benz AG lost no time in developing new, innovative commercial vehicles at its factory in Gaggenau, which made a name for efficiency and technical reliability. The offer of diesel-powered trucks back then was nothing short of being revolutionary.

Curiosity always leads people to wonder what materials are used to manufacture the high-quality CMC models?

With the Clear-Finish version of the Platform Truck LO 2750, there is evidence once more that if CMC talks about the use of valuable materials, you are bound to find them in the making of its models. Apart from a few exceptions, you are holding a metal precision model in your hands – one that is made of zinc alloy materials, stainless steel, copper, real wood, leather, and rubber for the tires. Only the engine is largely assembled from high-quality plastic components.

The “Clear-Finish” version is an honest presentation of what it takes to handcraft a unique CMC lineage of precision models that stand all by themselves in diecast industry and why they should not be missed in any collection.

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