Gran Tourismo Red Bull X2010 Appearing in Gran Tourismo 5 for Playstation 3 Sebastian Vettel

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Model Number 18108
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Scale 1:18 Die Cast Models
Weight in kg 2 Kg

The Red Bull X2010 (originally named Red Bull X1) is a fictional prototype vehicle featured in the PlayStation 3 video game Gran Turismo 5. It reappeared in Gran Turismo 6. The Red Bull X2010 appeared on the Goodwood Festival of Speed and in Madrid. The digital creation was a response to Kazunori Yamauchi’s question: “If you built the fastest racing car on land, one that throws aside all rules and regulations, what would that car look like, how would it perform, and how would it feel to drive?” The Prototype was designed by Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey in conjunction with Yamauchi. It features enclosed wheels, and a “fan element” to increase low and medium-speed downforce (much like a Chaparral 2J or Brabham BT46B).

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