CMC Jaguar C-Type, (red) current state of the model

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In his wildest dreams, every collector hopes to be able to pull a car out of a barn, rusty, dusty, but of that importance that would astonish the professional world. So happened with the C-Type XKC023 and experienced by Mr. Jenny.The Jaguar C-Type with chassis no. 023 was delivered in late 1952 to Jaguar’s California chief representative, Charles Hornburg, and then sold to Seattle for Joe Henderson. In August 1953, the car took part in a nationwide race for the first time, the 100 miles of the Seattle Seafair. The drivers were Bill Pollack and Jack Douglas, the latter name being a Hollywood comedy writer and television producer. Douglas was known for his comedies for Hollywood celebrities and his close relationship with Mizzi Gaynor.A little later, Douglas of the City of Angels became the first owner of the sleek, fast C-Type, and took every opportunity he could muster with his vehicle and girlfriend. Also, the racing was in his blood and so the C-type was often and successfully used in local racing events. After an accident, in which XKC023 took considerable damage on the body side, the interest of the amateur racing driver on the C-Type was extinguished. Nevertheless, the vehicle remained for some years on the West Coast and in 1962 came into the possession of Frank Schierenbeck, the owner of a prestigious Jaguar agency. There, the C-type remained until 1997, but was already forgotten in the mid-sixties.In 1986, the first search for traces of the lost chassis began, in 1997 the treasure was lifted, in November 2000 XKC023 was completed. Hardly restored, the Jaguar treasure with the crew Jenny / Werdenberg started at the historic Mille Miglia 2001. Two years later, Mr. Jenny and XKC023 participated in the celebrations in honor of the Le Mans victory, 2006, the vehicle received the coveted FIA heritage certificate.

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