Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

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You could stand behind a 747 on a runway and your hair wouldn’t be rearranged quite as vigorously as it is in the new Bentley Continental Supersports convertible 2010. Rated, at 202mph, as the fastest four-seat drop-top in the world, it makes all other chop-tops look, frankly, a bit wet.You can get a suntan and still be kind to the environment; the Supersports convertible — like the coupé — is a dual-fuel car, running on E85 biofuel, petrol or any mixture of the two. So, the fastest, most powerful four-seat convertible in the world is also the greenest. Perfect for the eco-millionaire.

Bentley has taken the GT’s already brawny 6-litre W12 engine and squeezed more performance from it. As a result, the Supersports convertible produces 621bhp — enough to embarrass most supercars. The bodywork and mechanical bits are carried over from Bentley’s Supersports coupé, including the distinctive front bumper with the vertical, fang-like vents. There are darker light clusters and wider, lighter alloy wheels. The convertible gains rear seats where the coupé had a carbon-fibre bracing bar across the rear of the cabin. The seats look prettier and now everyone can drool over a hand-stitched leather interior that’s all contrasted piping and luxurious quilting.

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