Alpine A310 1600 Group 4

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The Monte Carlo Rally in 1976 (44th Monte Carlo Rally), played from 17 to 24 January 1976, is the thirty-second round of the world championship Rally (WRC) run since 1973, and the first round of the championship World Rally 1976 (WRC). The Constructors’ World Championship has ten events, with the Rally of Great Britain finishing the season. The Monte Carlo Rally is the first of two winter races, the second being the Rally of Sweden . The championship events are reserved for cars of the following categories:

Group 1: standard passenger cars
Group 2: Special Passenger Cars
Group 3: standard touring cars
Group 4: Special Touring Cars

The Group 4 version of the Alpine A310 has seen a refitting of the bodywork, reinforced axles, as well as security equipment such as a rollover protective structure. Under the bonnet, the engine is still the same: 4 cylinders with 127 hp pushing the A310 above and beyond the 200 km/h mark. This version, driven by Jean-Pierre Nicolas & Vincent Laverne, were forced to abandon due to a differential issue during the RMC of 1976.

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