Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM 1993 Nannini #7 Hockinhiem Winner

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The Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) had risen to prominence as a highly competitive championship for Group A touring cars during the 1980’s. Close fights and a great variety of stock looking machines meant the races were a joy to watch. The Group A years came to a close with a titanic battle between the highly funded works teams of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi in 1992. With the demise of FIA Group A at the end of that season a new era had started for the DTM. A new formula called FIA Class 1 was introduced for 1993. Class 1 limited the cars to production derived engines with a V6 layout, four valves per cylinder and 2.5L in displacement. Other than these restrictions almost anything was allowed. Driver aids derived from F1-technology like ABS-brakes and traction control were permitted, as well as electronically controlled differentials. Four wheel drive, bespoke racing suspension systems and limited aerodynamic aids were also allowed.

Alfa Romeo had never seen big successes in the Group A years with their slow and unreliable 75 Turbo. It was therefore eager to grab the opportunity the new rules presented to them. The only thing that remained of the standard 155 was its steel bodyshell, which was promptly fitted with carbon fiber panels and an aero package. Up against the German armada (Mercedes) were former F1-drivers Alessandro Nannini (ITA) and Nicola Larini (ITA) for Alfa Corse. Supporting them would be former F1-drivers Christian Danner (GER) and Giorgio Francia (ITA) for the German Schübel Engineering outfit. Alessandro Nannini recieved an assisted version of the transmission, because he had suffered a severed right forearm in a 1990 helicopter accident. His arm was reattached with a successful microsurgery, but suffered decreased strength making it hard for him to shift.

The final round in 1993 was back at Hockenheim. Alessandro Nannini swept the weekend, tailed closely by Giorgio Francia. The double 1-2 was supplemented by 4th and 19th from Nicola Larini, who was by then already comfortably the Driver’s Champion.

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