Lorinser W – 221 S – Class

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The new and improved Lorinser S-Class / Such an icon of transportation could probablym not have been made better. Sportier, yes. And Lorinser offers just the proof you need with its customization package for the latest S-Class. Elegance and exclusivity, plus a healthy dose of sportiness. For an impressive look. And an exciting driving experience.

A body others could only dream of.

The S-Class with the Lorinser Styling / The S-Class with the Lorinser Styling is elegant, fast, and perfectly chiseled down to the very last muscle. The sporty front has a stylish new front bumper. The newly designed rear end with rear bumper, rear decklid and roof spoiler make for a real beauty thanks to harmonious lines and a clean look. The front and back are visually connected by robust side skirts and fenders with typical Lorinser vents. And the sport exhaust with two fine-sounding high-volume dual tailpipes provides the right sporty acoustics.


W221 S-Klasse-Mopf Prospekt

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