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Porsche 804 Formula 1 1962 #8 Jo Bonnier Nürburgring 1962 (with Driver Figurine Fitted) (Limited Edition of 1,000 Pieces Worldwide)

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Model Number 86274
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Scale 1:18 Die Cast Models
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The story begins in 1959. Porsche built a flat 4 cylinder powered Formula 2 car, derived from their RSK sports car. The car had several victories, with the likes of Sterling Moss and other great shoes behind the wheel. Porsche decided to begin work on a Formula 1 legal engine. In traditional Porsche fashion, the engine was a boxer 8-cylinder that was air-cooled. The total displacement was a tad under 1.5 liters. It was a dual overhead cam motor, two valves per cylinder. It breathed through four Webber twin coke carbs. The flat-8 air-cooled engine powered car developed 180 hp at 9,200 rpm gave Porsche its only F1 wins as a chassis maker, at the 1962 French Grand Prix, and at the (non-WC) Solituderennen at Castle Solitude in Stuttgart, both by Dan Gurney. This was

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